The Art of Such n Such is a collaborative art experiment. The Vision is to create an art space involving the viewer in a participatory way breaking the boundaries between the art, the artists and the participants whom enter the space. We love working together sharing our ideas and innovations while having fun and instigating education and interaction. We push the art to another level reaching for more of whats out there so come by to see and be part of our collaborative play ground. 

The art of such n such is a old school camp that has been on n off esplanade for years (since 2002) we usually consist of a population of no less than 45 - and up to no more than 80 artists and entrepreneurs form around the USA and abroad. this year we are requesting 4:20 esplanade again. We have a reputation as an Edgy highly interactive theme camp this year we will have a huge honorarium project this year that we will need to service and monitor daily . We recruit and engage potential  volunteers on esplanade that congregate in our tent for acculturation workshops through creating interactive art project work teams and community building seminars and lectures. We request esplanade placement  to make it easy to find us so we can easily congregate and muster daily for our moop sweeps, wood loading efforts, our radical rituals, community inclusion, and all in all instigate good times around taking care of our bad ass honorarium project link bellow -

Charlie Smith works closely with other Artists of Such n Such to finely tune and tweak the look, feel and character of the collaborative nature of the living art experience. Such n Such is a mobile art organism that can adapt to any situation to present a cutting edge art experience. Please contact us if you have questions about the nature of what we can do!


interactive frontage

this is a shot from dawn as the sun came up and we were still interactively at it with our art frontage!

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 10.03.54 PM.png

camp layout 150 x 250 deep

we will be growing a lil bit this year and need to have a deeper space to be able to fit our camp and camp mates in this year.


2016 ass camp.jpg

Bad Advice and heckling camp frontage

The  camp is a super cool interactive situation that has bad advise peep shows and a self serve paternity test.