“The psy·chot·ic/ sīˈkädik/ Episodes of an infinite infant”


The Infinite infant is a mutated mobile art machine that transforms through 4 Psychotic Episodes during burn week.

These episodes physically depict emotionally charged mental transformations as this creature alters from a sweet lil disturbed infant into a gorgeously out of control demonic Weirdo.



THIS SHOT IS FROM THE 2104 Infinite Infant & the trail of toys honorarium project and shows the basic flame effects and scale of this art piece


We unite, roam & run together into the desert with our collaborative minds alive !”

The art will resonate within the community traveling between different settings. At all times showing the use of character development, the use of materials, found objects, transformed machines, audio encounters, smells, visuals, flames, even surprise gifts given. These all strong interactive meaningful and through provoking characterize What we do as a community to enhance and inspire each other to make, do, think and share the future of this art style

This Art piece is another extension of the body of works that have been created for the Burning Man community and beyond both U.S.A. and Abroad since the first Bunring Man grant “Hearth” built in collaboration with Syd Klinge in 2000 year of the body.

The obsession to Build big metal contraptions, fire cauldrons into interactive situations that create a wrinkle in the space & time of all open minds that witness the objects. This one is a satirical yet realistIc interpretation of the growth of the human art mind.

This exploration is a dynamic interactive space that bonds community by creating a wave of new friendships ideas and interactions that will drive this artifact.

The basis of this project was community built and the new characters as their appendages will be stylized, built, refurbished updated and brought to life through community workshop series as per usual of my style of art builds.

It is my goal to continue making art with people and presenting in to the burning man culture as well as outside mainstream festivals art galleries public events.

This creation is built from mild and stainless materials and objects installed on a 2000 GMC Sierra Dually that is skirted = un-detectable.



the Degenerate”

built in 2015 for hullaween will be one of the four chatacters for the episodes a video of its flame effects is bellow on the page

The Physical foot print is dependent on the episode and character of the day 10 ft wide by 18 ft long standing 25-30 ft in height the art piece pulls a 9'W x 16'L x 3'-8' T towing a partially enclosed red wagon . The main art piece pulls a partially enclosed red wagon that is a safe housing for generator & propane for the flame effects.

The different characters facial features, hands, arms, feet, horns, supporting elements, trident, battle axe, disco ball, will change all together and or shift around according to each metamorphic episode below

  • Psychotic Episodes

  • Sunday / Monday “The Love Monger fool”

  • Tuesday / Wednesday “Dastardo the Degenerate”

  • Thursday / Friday “Ganeko The Absolver”

  • Saturday / Sunday the end result “The Sweet disturbed Infant Infant”


Ganeko the Absolver

Built in 2016 this character will be on for the third episode. Ganeko is a cross figure of Johnny Sako’s flying robot Ultra man and Ganesh.


people will feel heat hear sounds and take on an experience and with this psychotic creation both at is home and on open playa. They will be able to interact with each character role that will be played out with specific audio/visual theme per psychotic episode. some will be asked to join the tour and go on an art outing some will find the piece in deep playa receiving gifts from the crew given to them. some will ask questions and give answers to the creature of the day. Daily and nightly voyages through the city & into the deep playa will present weird yet playful flame effect explosions, audio interactions with radical visuals sure to evoke what the ? slack jaw ! smiles, laughs n wonderment wait wait wasn't that?

“This is art that says what the!”

example of flame effects from Suwannee Hulaween 2016 “dastardo the degenerate” sculpture by Charlie Smith_