Sparseland Studios (Pictured Above)

 West End Atlanta Art Studio

Artist: Charlie “Blackcat” Smith

1966 (BFA  Atlanta College Of Art 1992)

Charlie loves creating dynamic works of art from his dream world.

He has been producing these provoking, never seen before creations

at Sparseland Studios, his Atlanta based art studio since 1997.

Charlie specializes in one of a kind interactive creations of fine art & functional art.

The artistic creations are made from new, recycled, up cycled, & re- purposed metal materials.

His playful and magical use of these metal materials bring these iconic creations to life.

Charlie's aesthetic is extremely unique and resonates

within the communities and environments

that are created through his work.

come on and experience!

you'll like it


Exhibitions, Events & Clients

Target Corporation, Target house@ St. Judes Hospital , Micheal Graves and Associates, Melia Design Group, Stang and Newdow,  Johnson Studio,  Radcliffe Bailey,  Burning Man,  Black Rock Art Foundation,  Music Midtown,  Suwanee Hullaween,  Dubal Desert Rock Festival,  DWPresents,  Coachella Music Festival, The LA Arts Festival, The Great Googa Mooga, Bonnaroo, Okeechobee Music festival , The Love Burn,  Transformus,  Mile High Music festival, Bunring Flipside, Toast, Burning Bush,  Critical Massive,  Synergy,  Oakland Fire Arts Festival, Desert Arts Preview,  Eye Drum,  Alchemy,  Euphoria,  Art Out Side,  Atlanta Art on The Belt Line, Electric Picnic Ireland,  Afrika Burns,  Fire in the 4th Ward,  Chattahoochee Nature Preserve,  Madison Cultural Arts Center, 

Photography courtesy of Edmond J. Moriarty.