Artistic Vision of
"The Fleeble Flobbler"

Scale -The 22ft tall steel vessel was created for Burning Man through a seed money grant in 2008 ! Fir The burning man project it was a contained wood burning fire caldron.  Today in 2017 it also has a life as a flame effects machine and has been shown at music and arts fesitvals around the world! The central vessel is a rotund clown figure.  It has eight seats extending from the pivoting basin for participants to ride.  This caldron is safe to be around and is very approachable for the participants of the event.

The enchanted evening of night finds you wandering in the blinky light infested dreamland of the open playa.  
A fire poof here! A fire poof there! Every where a Fire Poof!  You notice a giant cloud of smoke drifting about in the distance. What’s burning?.  As you near you notice a crowd of crazed lunatics riding a giant clown-like children’s toy! The toy towers over the circle of participants spewing smoke and flame from its arms and head.  Your chilled bones warm as you notice the red hot structures’ glow! A few steps back maybe? Hey you with the furry coat, get on! It’s your turn to ride The Fleeble Flobbler! Step right up! Step right up! It’s your chance to ride the childhood dreamer. The chaos prevails as sounds of clanking metal, ringing bells, laughter and spoken reflections mix around a sparking wood fire to bring you back to your inner KID. 

The Fleeble Flobbler, childhood dreamer, is a literal icon of the childlike state of the American ideal. A toy, a ride, a clown, a fun time kind of place laced with fruitful bliss and the essence of an innocence backed by a governing monster. Ride the ride, take the plunge, the illusion is a dream and in this dream the interactive fun time The Fleeble Flobbler rocks around on a teetering eight seated base! It is fueled with the fire energy of the earth and powered by the physical energy of the human being.  The Fleeble Flobbler is created with the intention to rejoice in the simpleton style of the social, economic, and political state we embody on this globe.

As with our past works we created The Fleeble Flobbler in our Atlanta based art studio through a series of workshops.  We used this project to continue sharing the artistic process and technical skills with the community.