Above is "Lucky" the black cat art cart - crafted- 2016.

lucky the black cat is a lil lurking trickster mutant vehicle! soft n fuzzy on the out side scrappy on the inside. 12ft tall 6 ft wide 10 ft long this lil four seater golf cart conversion is ready to pounce by day and night! This will be the second year on playa year for Luck n the crew!

vehicle base = motor electric 48v body 2000 club car - modified by charlie blackcat smith and friends - seats four - good times the art cart will run for about 12 hrs a day between charges. we are out and about in the art car roughly 6 - 8 hours per day or night showing our art to the community n giving rides here n there to those in need. 

The construction and modification of the art cart is passive and is in fact an fuzzy furry iron maiden so to speak. the 200 club cart has been added on to by the fabrication of light weight steel and wire form armature construction that ties in to the existing hard ware body part mounting areas of the cart. The structure of the vehicle is strong and the appearance if soft and sweet. 

the lighting -  the under carriage is lit with blue and red lighting . body form and  the lines of the cat are illuminated with cool purple halloween lights . we are currently redoing the night lighting with full spectrum 12v LED lighting and will be ready for inspection on playa for our third year of day and night license!  topped with a cool disco ball dangling form the tip of the tail that has two high powered pin spots that reflect off the mirror ball creating the shapes of thousands of cat eyes on the ground all around the art car. the vehicle is modestly lit yet highly impactful and easily seen at night. the power source for the lighting is two big deep cell batteries and a back up 2000i Honda generator if needed. 

 Lucky gets to hang out with a very cool 2018  art support camp = The Art of Such n Such -aka-  ASS camp - we are usually placed in the 4:30  sector and commonly on a b c or esplanade.

Enjoy these inspirational original concept drawings and cool images for our Black Cat Mutant Vehicle hope to see ya there ...